2010 - Present

2010 - Present

The Fifth Decade


The new enhanced performance 5CP5140 pump rated at 5.5 gpm @ 3500 psi provides another high quality pressure cleaning pump option. This pump is available as 5CP5140 for belt-drive or 5CP5140G1 for gearbox direct-drive gas engine design.

The 5CP6190 dual-gun cleaning pump provides a high performance compact footprint for vehicle or truck cleaning and in-plant cleaning. This pump has a features a high strength chrome plated brass head. It is rated at 9.7 gpm @ 1200 psi and is available as a motor-pump-unit with either a 7.5 or 10 HP motor.

The 7CP6110 and 7CP6170 brass pumps have new stainless steel options with the addition of the 7CP6111 and 7CP6171. Both are rated at 10.5 gpm, 2000 psi and provide both direct-drive or belt drive options. The bell housing and flexible coupling models are available as a motor-pump-unit with either 10 and 15 HP motors.

  • 7CP6111BH103 10 GPM, 1460 PSI 10 HP
  • 7CP6111BH153 10 GPM, 2000 PSI 15 HP

To meet the demand for application pumping DI water, oil and chemicals, the 3501 Stainless Steel and 3501C flushed model were added to our 35 Frame family. Both models are rated at 9 gpm @ 5000 psi providing high impact, durability and compatibility with a variety of liquids.

This rugged mid-size, stainless steel Model 1541 plunger pump delivers 18 gpm @ 1200 psi. It is compact and portable. The corrosion resistant head and valves are ideal for pumping harsh liquids or use in sanitary cleaning applications. Optional FPM and STG seals offer additional liquid compatibility.


The 1CX is an ultra-compact, direct-drive single plunger pump that includes a regulator for maintaining pressure with multiple nozzles. It is constructed of a brass manifold, 304SS valve assemblies, solid ceramic plunger and standard NBR (Buna-N) seals.  The 1CX is an excellent choice for misting and cooling applications.


Cat Pumps is pleased to announce the ATEX certification of our plunger pumps. ATEX consists of two European Union (EU) directives designated by the type of potentially explosive atmosphere in which the equipment is to be used. Cat Pumps ATEX 2 certified pumps include Group 2, Category 2, Zones (G) 1 & 2 and (D) 21 & 22. Cat Pumps offers plunger pumps in the following frame sizes that meet the ATEX directive: 3CP, 3, 5CP, 5, 7, 8,15, 18, 25, 28, 35, 38, 60, and 68.  Pumps meeting this EU directive carry  the “ATEX 2” suffix.


Cat Pumps LPS monitors are designed to sense water leakage past the low pressure seals and alert maintenance personnel that the pump seals need replacing. If these seal are not serviced, water can continue to leak past the seals, contaminating the crankcase oil, causing oxidation and wear. The PLC/PC version is available for a wide variety of pump models.


To simplify oil servicing, Cat Pumps introduced a line of oil level indicators which can be mounted in an area of clear view when the bubble gauge of the pump is hidden. In addition to easy viewing, the oil level indicators also feature a oil drain port for easy routine oil changes.


Building on Cat Pumps reputation as the #1 pump in the vehicle wash market, the “B” series special formulated brass manifolds were designed to prevent manifold washout.  Washout is caused by material erosion that results in problems like pump leakage and loss of flow and pressure.  Customers can upgrade to the “B” series manifold with a complete B-series pump or a field retrofit kit.


TEG pumps were designed to prevent the formation of hydrates in gas pipelines.  High temperature triethylene glycol (TEG) is the most common method of removing water from natural gas. With a temperature rating up to 240F, the TEG pumps have been field-proven in the most rigorous dehydration conditions. TEG pumps meet emission regulations and lower regulatory costs.


Cat Pumps released its newly redesigned website. The new website features a powerful product selector tool for pumps and accessories, enhanced search capabilities, product sales and technical literature, application, training and service information. All Cat Pumps products are covered: pumps, custom systems, and accessories.


On January 3rd 2012, Cat Pumps was featured on the ION Network's series "World's Greatest!..." For those who are unfamiliar, "World's Greatest!...." takes a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most amazing and unique companies the world has to offer! See why we were chosen by clicking the link below:

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Cat Pumps launches the 1XP for portable extractors and electric truck mounts in the carpet cleaning industry. This is a compact, direct drive motorized pump constructed of a plated aluminum crankcase body, 304 stainless steel valve assemblies, solid ceramic plungers and special blend fluorocarbon seals.  The 1XP features a patented greaseless design, 100% sealed wet end and keyed shaft.   In field tests, the 1XP outlasts the competition by 10 times.


The 76970 is an industry first 10” industrial-duty clutch that increases durability and dependability.  Convenient remote control on-off function optimizes system performance. Superior strength forged rotor, hub and armature offer superior flux and maximum torque for long-life. Double groove 10" pulley, B type belt and 20.0 mm shaft, this clutch fits Cat Pumps 5CP series pumps.


The 700 series pumps features a high-performance stacked stainless steel valve design for long-life and easy servicing. This triplex positive displacement plunger pump is constructed from non-chromed forged brass, 304SS valve assemblies, solid ceramic plungers and standard seals and is rated for 4.5 gpm/17 lpm at 5000 psi/345 bar.


With the 1XP pump DC model, Cat Pumps increases the range of this durable pump design. The 1XP series pumps are offered as pump only or as a motorized pump assembly.  The rugged DC motor is available in 1/3 HP. The 1XP is a perfect fit for portable extractors in carpet cleaning as well as other applications requiring higher-pressure pumps and DC power.  


Cat Pumps introduces premium bell housings for direct drive applications. This expanded bell housing line adds the models 56, 60, and 700 pumps to direct drive options and expands the motor capabilities to 20 HP (256 C). Available with Brass, Nickel Aluminum, and 316 Stainless Steel Pumps.

“Account Access” is the Cat Pumps extranet site for our sales partners and distributors.  New functionality is added to better serve customers.  A complete set of useful tools are available 24/7/365: order placing, order tracking, price quotations and more. Distributors are encouraged to contact Cat Pumps to sign-up for Account Access.


The 9940 Pop-Off Valve provides back-up protection as a secondary relief valve for maximum pump and system protection.  Lightweight and compact, the 9940 conveniently mounts directly into discharge line with a ¾” NPTM connection.  Flow range to 25 gpm/95 lpm and pressures 1000-4000 psi/70-275 bar.  The 9940 is a welcome addition to Cat Pumps line of accessories.


The 6810 is a 10 gpm/38 lpm pump rated to 10,000 psi/689 bar. This triplex positive displacement plunger pump is constructed of a machined 304SS block-style inlet and discharge manifolds, 316SS valve assemblies, solid ceramic plungers and standard NBR seals.  These pumps are suitable for high pressure applications such as hydrostatic testing, water jetting, chemical injection, and high-pressure washdown.


The 6835 is rated for 40 gpm/151 lpm at 3000 psi/207 bar. The 6835 is a good fit for harsh liquids such as saltwater, sanitizing chemicals and certain food products. This triplex positive displacement plunger pump is constructed of machined, 316SS block-style inlet and discharge manifolds, 316SS valve assemblies, solid ceramic plungers and standard NBR.  It also is available as a 6835K manifold-flush model.

The 5CP4120CSS is a 4.5 gpm/17 lpm pump rated to 4000 psi/274 bar. This product enhancement offers reliability and versatility in a compact direct-drive mount configuration.  An optional belt-drive is available for precision flow setting. Typical of Cat Pumps products, the 5CP4120CSS is designed for easy servicing and long-life with press-in seal cases and lubricated low pressure seals and V-packings.


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