New Products

New Products

New Pumps and Accessories from Cat Pumps

Our team is continually developing new products that will enhance your pumping experience or meet the needs of emerging market applications.  Below you can find our newest product releases or you can use the quick search on the right to search all of our products.

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In developing new products we are keeping several factors in mind:

  • Enhance the life of our pumps
  • Simplify servicing
  • Improve performance
  • Meet new application needs
  • Offer the highest quality pump at a reasonable price

1570 Plunger Pump

Cat Pumps model 1570 features a new manifold design permitting higher pressures without compromising our industry leading service life. Special concentric, high-density, polished, solid ceramic plungers provide a true wear surface and extended seal life. The 1570 is what you expect from Cat Pumps-uncompromising quality that makes it the best choice for system performance. Performance Rating: 6 GPM - 6,000 PSI.

5CP4120CSS Plunger Pump

Cat Pumps 5CP series plunger pumps set the industry standard for long lasting pressure washer pumps. Building on that success, we have expanded the line to include pressures up to 4,000 psi.  The new model 5CP4120CSS is rated 4.5 gpm, 4000 psi at 1750 RPM.  The pump can be used in both belt and direct drive applications.

6835 Plunger Pump

Primarily designed for high-pressure water systems, the new 6835 pump features pre-set low pressure seals to provide secondary protection against external leaks—and not require packing adjustment. Special high-density, polished concentric plungers provide a true wear surface, resulting in extended seal life and hours of trouble free operation. Performance Rating: 40 GPM - 3,000 PSI.

7CP6111C, 7CP6171C

We are pleased to announce a flushed manifold offering to expand on our proven success of the 7CP Series stainless steel pumps. Commonly used for pumping solutions in humidification, cooling and salt water reverse osmosis, the new flush pumps deliver the life and dependability you can expect from Cat Pumps.

    • 7CP6111C - 10.5 gpm, 2000 psi, 1750 RPM
    • 7CP6171C - 10.5 gpm, 2000 psi, 1450 RPM

6810 Plunger Pump

Cat Pumps model 6810 is designed and manufactured to address the challenges of high pressure systems. Each pump element is optimized for high pressure performance. Precision stainless steel seats and ceramic balls provide true sphericity and long life. Special concentric, high-density, polished, solid ceramic plungers provide a true wear surface and extended seal life. Performance Rating: 10 GPM - 10,000 PSI.

9940 Pop-Off Valve

For system protection and operator safety, all pumping systems should be equipped with both a primary and secondary pressure relief device. Cat Pump new model 9940 pop-off valve gives system designers an economical alternative to a conventional secondary pressure relief device. Rated for flows to 25 GPM and pressures to 4000 PSI.

New Bell Housings

The expanded Bell Housing line adds the models 56, 60, and 700 pumps to our direct drive options and expands the motor capabilities up to 20 HP (256C). Available with Brass, Nickel Aluminum, and 316 Stainless Steel Pumps. Performances: 2.3 to 10.5 GPM, 100 – 5000 PSI. Available as a complete pump and motor assembly or as individual components.


The versatile 1540E pump now has more options with the addition of a flushed manifold.   The added seal flush option makes the pump ideal for use in several new applications.  Whether pumping liquid CO2 at -20 degrees F or Triethylene Glycol (TEG) at 240 degrees F this pump can be configured to meet the most demanding applications.

1XP Series Expanded Capabilities

The 1XP Series Pumps have added DC (Permanent Magnet or Bridge Rectified) motors to the already available AC (Induction) motor offering.  Cat Pumps has also expanded the performance ratings to 0.5 - 2.3 GPM and 100 - 1000 PSI.  It’s easy to retrofit your current extractor today and see for yourself how Cat Pumps leads the industry with the most reliable pumps available.

New 10" Industrial Clutches

Expanding on our broad range of quality pump accessories, we now offer the widest selection of clutches in the industry.  Rather than choosing between an oversized or undersized clutch; Cat Pumps allows you to choose the right clutch for your application.

1XP Series Extractor Pumps

Cat Pumps is proud to announce the release of our latest pump innovation, the new 1XP series pumps.  Specifically built for the portable extractor market, the new 1XP series pumps were designed and tested to be the most reliable portable extractor pump on the market.  With a performance window of 0.5 – 2.0 gpm and 100 – 800 psi, the 1XP series will also be a great fit for other applications including misting, hydrostatic testing, and truck mounts.


Dual Strike Foam Nozzle

The ultra-high pressure Dual-Strike nozzle from Cat Pumps allows users to select between a straight stream and high expansion fog stream with the flick of a wrist. Ultra-high pressure spray breaks down water droplets by up to 64 times, reducing surface area for faster and more efficient fire suppression. Industrial-duty construction ensures simple, maintenance-free use.

High Temperature Gauges

To meet the high temperature demands of our new TEG pumps, we have added a complimentary line of stainless steel pressure gauges with temperature ratings up to 400° F. Models available include: 6071 (1,500 psi), 6073 (3,000 psi) and 6076 (6,000 psi).

Tri-Ethylene Glycol Pumps

After extensive research & development and field testing, Cat Pumps is pleased to announce the launch of our new tri-ethylene glycol pumps for dehydration applications. Pumps are readily available for 0.5 – 25 GPM and can be fitted with brass or 316 stainless steel manifolds.

310B - 5CP2120B Special Brass

After years of lab and field testing, we have found a new material that promises significant improvement in the life of the pump head for installations with repeated washout.

LPS Monitors

The new LPS monitor is a custom leak detector designed to sense water leaking past the Lo-Pressure Seals as they begin to wear. The LPS monitor alerts personnel that the seals require replacement to avoid unnecessary drive-end damage.

5CP6190 Dual-Gun Prep Pump

The new 5CP6190 is a high-performance dual-gun pump designed for specialty cleaning needed in car wash prep systems. The compact footprint is enhanced by the fact that it is also a direct-drive pump running at 1750 rpm.

Oil Level Indicators

Simplify your crankcase oil monitoring and oil changes by installing an indicator in your crankcase oil drain plug or use our oil drain kit version for remote mounting.



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