Industrial Duty Lances, Wands and Nozzles

Lances and Nozzles


A high-pressure Lance is attached to a standard gun handle to provide a safe working distance between operator and spray surface. Nozzles are attached to the opposite end of lances and are sized to provide a certain pressure depending on the flow. Nozzle sizes are viewed as nozzle numbers and are equivalent to the nozzle capacity in GPM at 4000 PSI.

A variety of lance styles, lengths and materials are available, each with a ventilated insulator for operator comfort and safety. Choose from a number of nozzle types, including:

  • Change over
  • Adjustable
  • Rotating
  • Turbo
  • Thread-in

Product Range:
Up to 21 GPM, up to 7250 PSI (lances), up to 38 GPM, up to 5100 PSI (nozzles)

Typical Usage:
Use on portable pressure washers or any type of pressure washing unit.

Zinc-plated, stainless steel, brass bodies, ceramic insert/nozzle.

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