Industrial Duty Pressure Regulating Unloaders for Trigger Gun Applications

Brass and Stainless Steel Unloaders


A pressure-sensitive unloader gives all the pressure control of a regulator, plus provides an energy and system savings feature that by-passes flow at low pressure when there is zero demand. This feature is typically only used in applications using shut-off guns because the unloader reacts to the back pressure (pressure spike) caused when the gun is shut off. When the shut-off gun is opened back up the system will return to established pressure.

A wide-range of unloaders is available from Cat Pumps, and feature color-coded springs for easy identification. Convert one model to another model by simply substituting the spring. Compact design with multiple port sizes available.

Product Range:
0.5 to 120 GPM, 100 to 7,250 PSI

Typical usage:
Used for single pump, multiple pumps, nozzle and gun applications.

Available in brass, 304 and 316 stainless steel

Elastomers are available in medium nitrile buna (NBR), fluorocarbon (FPM), ethylene proplylene diene monomer (EPDM), and more.

Pressure Regulating Unloaders

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