Running Rough Troubleshooting

Running Rough Troubleshooting


 Most Common:

 • Inlet Conditions
 • High Pressure Seals Worn
 • Debris in Valves

  Restricted Inlet Conditions

An adequate and smooth (non-turbulent) water supply to the pump is essential for best performance. Turbulent water entering the pump can cause the pump to run very rough.  Conditions that cause turbulent flow include plumbing restrictions such as pipe-reducers and elbows and any source of atmospheric air such as a leak in an inlet hose or a loose connection. Entrapped air can cause “bubbles” that can implode under pressure causing pump cavitation.

Inspect inlet line for loose fittings, cracked filters, fittings that need to be re-taped or any other restrictions in the inlet line. Use flexible hose if possible and use short-run plumbing to prevent restricted pump inlet flow.

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High Pressure Seals Worn

The high pressure seals in the pump keep water in the high pressure chamber.  When one high pressure seal wears sooner that the other two, an uneven flow results that can cause the pump to run very rough.

Inspect and replace high pressure seals as a complete set.

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Debris in Valves

Debris and contamination build-up on valve seat surfaces can disrupt the normal flow through the inlet and discharge valves. Debris in either of these valves can allow the water to free flow in and out of that valve chamber and not be properly discharged from the pump. This situation causes irregular flow patterns through the valve chambers, resulting in the pump “running rough.”

Remove each valve or valve stack and inspect. Clean or replace as required. Maintain proper system filtration.

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