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Pressure Regulators

Pressure Regulators |→

Pressure regulators are used on high-pressure systems to maintain and control system pressure.

Unloaders |→

Unloaders maintain system pressure and allow liquid to bypass at low pressure when not needed.
Relief/Pop-Off Valves

Relief Valves |→

A relief valve is a pressure control device used to protect the pump from over-pressurization.
Pop-off Valves

Pop-off Valves |→

A pop-off valve is a secondary device used to protect the pump from over-pressurization.
Photo of Pulsation Dampeners

Pulsation Dampeners |→

Pulsation dampeners absorb pressure spikes and pressure fluctuations caused by the pump system.
Photo of Pressure Gauges

Pressure Gauges |→

Pressure gauges monitor system pressure and can be used on inlet or discharge plumbing.
Photo of Valve Plug Adapter

Valve Plug Adapters |→

Eliminates the need for additional plumbing on your pumps' discharge port.
Photo of Lubrication

Lubrication |→

Protect your pump investment by using genuine lubricants from Cat Pumps.
Photo of oil level indicator

Oil Level Indicators |→

Oil Level Indicators are used to remotely monitor oil level in your pump system.
Inlet Regulators

Inlet Regulators |→

Inlet regulators are designed to reduce and maintain inlet pressure to the pump.
Photo of Inlet Pressure Relief Valve

Inlet Pressure Relief Valves |→

Inlet Pressure Relief Valves provide system protection from high inlet pressures.
Photo of Inlet Filters

Inlet Filters |→

Inlet filters are used on pressurized or gravity-fed systems to strain debris before entering the pump.
Photo of Inlet Pressure Stabilizers

Inlet Pressure Stabilizers |→

Inlet stabilizers help maintain consistent pressure and flow to the inlet, improving pump performance.
Photo of Thermal Valves

Thermal Valves |→

Thermal valves help eliminate heat build-up in a closed loop system by allowing fresh water to enter.
Pulse Pump - Chemical Pumps

Pulse Pumps |→

Pulse pumps inject chemicals downstream of the pump at high pressure to prevent damaging the hardware.
Photo of Mag-Jets

Mag-Jet Assemblies |→

Jetters convert high-pressure pumps into jetting pumps by isolating one of the three valve chambers.
Photo of Pulsator Assembly

Pulsator Assemblies |→

Pulsator Assemblies convert high-pressure pumps into jetting pumps by creating additional pulsation in the downstream flow.
Photo of Guns

Guns |→

A high-pressure shut-off gun allows the operator to control liquid flow from the pump to the nozzle.
Photo of Lances

Lances |→

Lances vary the distance between the gun and nozzle, increasing operator comfort and safety.
High Pressure Nozzles

Nozzles |→

Nozzles control the spray rate and pattern of the fluid being pumped.
Photo of Bell housings

Bell Housings |→

Cast aluminum bell housings maintain motor-pump alignment and are easy to install.
Flex Couplings

Couplings |→

Couplings are used for compact direct mounting to hydraulic or electric motors.
Pump Clutches

Clutches |→

Clutches are used to engage/disengage the pump and drive device to meet flow demands.
Chemical Injectors

Chemical Injectors |→

Chemical Injectors provide and regulate chemicals into pump stream.
Low-Pressure Seal Monitors

LPS Monitors |→

Low pressure seal monitors are designed to sense water leakage past the low-pressure seals.
Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches |→

Pressure-activated control device to control on-off operation of low amp system components.
Easy Start Valve

Easy Start Valves |→

Easy Start Valves are designed to relieve pump discharge line pressure during system start-up.
Photo of Flow Switches

Flow Switches |→

Flow-activated control device to shut off low and system components.
Photo of Thermostat

Thermostats |→

Thermostats allow users to adjust and maintain the temperature of a heater in a high-pressure water system.
Throttle Controller

Throttle Controllers |→

Throttle Controllers are used to reduces engine rpm when pump is in bypass.
Photo of Service Tools

Service Tools |→

Service tools from Cat Pumps make the servicing of our products even easier.