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Service Tools

Cat Pumps Service Tools Provide Ease of Service
Photo of Service Tools


Simplifies servicing the crankcase, plunger rod or manifold.

  • T-Wrenches used for servicing crankcase or plunger.
  • L-Wrenches used for servicing valves.
  • Allen wrenches used for serving SF, SP, SPX, CP, DX, DNX series manifolds.


Quick valve and snap ring removal/installation.

  • Reverse pliers used for easy valve seat removal.
  • Snap ring pliers used for Inlet Pressure Stabilizers assemblies.

Oil Gauge Removal Tool

Quick and easy replacement of crankcase oil gauge.

  • Required for replacement of oil gauge.

Seal Case Removal Tools

Simplifies seal replacement for various plunger pumps.

  • Available as 1/2" socket or T-wrench.

Piston Pump Tools

These specialty installation tools minimize risk of damage to cup/seal during replacement.

  • Used for piston pumps only.

Crankcase Oil Seal Kit

This specialty oil seal tool kit will assist in replacement of the 60 frame crankcase oil seals.

  • Remove and re-install crankcase oil seal from wet-end.
  • Minimize risk of damage to plunger/piston rod surfaces.
  • Used for plunger or piston pumps