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Military Vehicle Wash

Industrial Duty Pumps & Accessories for Military Vehicle Wash Applications



Military vehicles are heavily depended upon and require a strict maintenance schedule. Thoroughly cleaning the vehicles removes dirt and build-up and increases longevity of parts, improves safety and helps with maintenance. Military wash systems can be automated touch-free or depend on individual high-pressure guns.

These washes are heavily used and rely on dependable equipment. Washes use high-pressure for cleaning and/or rinsing operating at 500 - 2,000 PSI. The flow required depends on the type of wash from 5 GPM for a single gun to over 100 GPM for an automated system. Military wash systems frequently use water reclaim systems, and our pumps are field-proven with these types of systems.

Military vehicle washes are set up to have a central pump system to run multiple guns, and this unit needs to produce enough flow to cover peak demand. To improve system efficiency, we have factory-programmed Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) available. They get feedback from sensors within the system and automatically adjust the system flow based on demand.

Our VFD systems control shuts down and starts up automatically, so no energy is wasted running the pump when there’s no demand. Energy savings are significant and offer a fast return on investment. In some cases, the cost of the VFD can be made up in less than a year.