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Mounting and Location


Proper system design provides maximum life
and quickest ROI on your pumping system


Gathering Information

Pump Selection

Drive Selection

Inlet Design

Accessory Selection

Mounting and Location


Whenever possible, pumps should not be installed outdoors or in excessively hot, humid, dirty or dusty environments.  If this is unavoidable, the pump should be protected with a suitable cover or ventilated enclosure.  In cold applications, pumps need to be protected from freezing which can cause serious pump damage.


The pump, drive, and motor should be mounted horizontally on a strong, rigid base plate or frame that will resist twisting and distortion during operation.  The base can be bolted to the floor or to a machine.  Ideally the base should be large enough that no pump components and accessories overhang the base dimensions.

Reciprocating pumps will create vibration during operation.  To isolate this vibration from other equipment, the pump base unit can be mounted on anti-vibration mounts.  Vibration can also be abated by isolating the inlet and outlet of the pump using hoses.  Avoid hard plumbing the pump to a piping system.