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Cat Pumps offers a variety of resources to assist with servicing our products. The links shown above get you to important information about Servicing Your Pump, Service Videos, Preventive Maintenance, Service Seminars, and our Service Center Locator.

The Servicing Your Pump section will guide you through locating your pumps’ data sheet, service manual, and service videos. The data sheet will have pump specifications, an exploded view and parts information. The service manual will have instructions for servicing your seals and valves.

We also have Service Videos available for many of our pump models. These step-by-step videos will walk you through servicing your pumps’ seal and valve kits.

The best safeguard against unplanned downtime or system failure is good preventive maintenance practices and proper system diagnosis. Visit the Preventive Maintenance section to learn more about establishing a maintenance schedule and proper pump diagnosis.

If you are still having trouble with servicing or system diagnosis, visit the FAQ or Troubleshooting sections. For additional help, contact our technical sales team M-F 8:00 am-5:00 pm at 763-780-5440 or email at