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High-Pressure DI Water Wash Pumps

Industrial Duty Pumps & Accessories For Deionized Water Wash Applications



Deionization ("DI Water" or "Demineralized Water”) simply means the ions in the water have been removed. Ions are electrically charged atoms or molecules found in water that have either a negative or positive charge. For many applications that use water as a rinse or ingredient, these ions are considered impurities and must be removed.

DI water has an extremely low concentration of ions that makes it an ideal liquid for cooling and rinsing applications. DI water eliminates mineral deposits that can interfere with coolant flow and degrade cooling efficiency. Also, DI water eliminates the risk of electrical arcing due to static charge build-up from the circulating coolant. Arcing can damage sensitive control electronics in the equipment being cooled.

Industries that require the use of DI water:

  • Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Plating and other chemical processing
  • Lasers
  • Medical equipment
  • Laboratory instrumentation
  • Pharmaceutical production
  • Cosmetics
  • Food processing

Care must be exercised when using DI water. The lack of ions makes this coolant unusually corrosive. Called the "universal solvent," DI water is one of the most aggressive solvents known. To a varying degree, it will dissolve everything to which it is exposed. Therefore, all materials in the cooling system must be corrosion resistant. On top of the corrosive nature of DI Water the lubricity properties are severely affected, which can accelerate seal wear. 

Cat Pumps has worked with manufacturers and users of DI water equipment to develop modified pumps to meet the unique demands of ultra-pure DI water applications.

With field-proven dependability in applications around the globe, Cat Pumps provides the best high-pressure pumps and systems for high-pressure DI water systems.