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Industrial Duty Pumps & Accessories for the Manufacturing Industry



With proven reliability in manufacturing applications around the world, Cat Pumps products are depended upon for demanding applications. Our pumps are used in several aspects of manufacturing like:

  • Machining
  • Cleaning
  • Humidity control
  • Product testing

As one of the most efficient and dependable positive displacement pumps available, Cat Pumps is the first choice for high-pressure manufacturing applications.

Let Cat Pumps’ commitment to quality work for you. We offer over 1000 pump models with a flow range from 0.13 - 240 GPM and a pressure range from 100 - 10,000 PSI. Our product offerings include brass, nickel aluminum bronze, 316 stainless steel and duplex stainless steel, and can be custom-engineered to be utilized in a variety of unique applications. Engineering changes can include elastomers for chemical compatibility, modifications for high-temperature applications up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit, mounting configurations to adjust for space requirements and pump modifications for high-inlet pressures. Our application specialists, customer service representatives, and professional distributors are readily available to assist with your high-pressure manufacturing application.

Click on any application below to learn more. When it needs to run, make it Cat Pumps.

With high-pressure machine tool coolant flushing, coolant is run through the cutting tool and discharged directly to the material surface.

In hydrostatic testing, a component, vessel, or section of a pipe or line is subjected to a target pressure and held for a period of time based on the test or regulation parameters.

Cat Pumps has decades of experience along with extensive research and development in producing specialized pumps and accessories for ultra-pure DI water.

Electrical Discharge Machines (EDM) use high-pressure water to conduct electricity and to flush particles.

Technology advances and environmental concerns have resulted in increased interest in water-based hydraulic systems for industrial and mobile applications.

Using the impact force from a high-velocity water jet, HPWD knocks away chips, debris and burrs from a machined surface.

In Hydromechanical Descaling high pressure water is used to remove the scale after hot rolling steel.

Eco Pickled Surface (EPS) is the environmentally-friendly replacement for acid pickling.

Aqueous parts washers give the cleaning power of solvent but use cleaning solutions that are safe and biodegradable.

High-pressure systems are used for trim squirt, screen and felt cleaning, and other paper mill applications.