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Preventive Maintenance

The best safeguard against unplanned

shut-down or system failure is a good

preventive maintenance plan.

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Preventive Maintenance

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Custom Maintenance Schedule

The best safeguard against unplanned shut-down or system failure is a good preventive maintenance plan. Cat Pumps triplex pump design offers easy maintenance without the use of special tools, making routine maintenance achievable without difficulty. Every installation differs, so a unique maintenance schedule may be required.

The service life of pumps and wear parts vary by application based on duty-cycle, pumped liquid, temperature, inlet conditions, location of installation and system accessories. It is important to monitor the system carefully. At the first sign of low pressure, make a thorough system examination. Low pressure may be caused by system components other than the pump, such as:

  • Clogged filter
  • Leaks from fittings or connections
  • Cracked or kinked hoses
  • Worn O-rings in safety regulators, check valves or relief valves
  • Loose or worn belts
  • Worn nozzles

Please consult the pump Data Sheet, Service Manual or Service Video to verify service procedures. If no problems are found with the system components, shut the system down and inspect the pump. Check for contamination in valves. Change seals and record hours for your preventive maintenance schedule. Typically valves should be replaced at every other seal replacement.

Below you will find more information about adopting a proper maintenance schedule as well as how to diagnose pump issues:

Pump Diagnosis

Each service manual contains a troubleshooting guide to help identify possible pump issues. You can also search our Troubleshooting and FAQ sections of our website to search/browse through common problems/solutions.

If you are still having trouble identifying a pumping or system issue, contact our experienced technical sales team Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm (CST).

Ph: 763-780-5440

Extended Storing/Winterizing

Before storing your pump or equipment for extended periods of time, especially in colder weather, please view the Extended Storage Document.