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Misting, Cooling & Fogging Pumps

Industrial Duty Pumps & Accessories for Misting, Cooling & Fogging Applications



Cat Pumps stocks a complete line of brass, and stainless steel pumps for misting, fogging, and cooling. We offer several drive options; compact direct-drive units for lower demand applications, belt-drive to electric motor or engine, and gearbox drive to engines. Cat Pumps also offers a wide range of 316 stainless steel flushed manifolds for DI water applications. Custom-misting systems can be sized to handle any number of nozzles, and controlled with a VFD, and PLC controls for maximum efficiency and system life. For the most return on your investment, use dependable, low-maintenance, and energy-efficient Cat Pumps products.

Our application specialists, customer service representatives, and professional distributors are readily available to assist with your high-pressure misting application.

Click on any application below to learn more. When it needs to run, make it Cat Pumps.

High-pressure mist systems are the most economical and efficient choice for outdoor cooling.

High-pressure misting and fogging systems give visual effects of fog, mist, vapor, smoke, and steam.

Inlet air fogging systems using Cat Pumps are applied in power generation plants throughout the world for direct turbine inlet cooling.

Humidification systems pump water through high-pressure atomizing nozzles resulting in a fine mist that immediately evaporates, allowing moisture to be quickly absorbed into the air.

High-pressure water misting systems have numerous advantages over conventional fire sprinkler systems.

Cat Pumps high-pressure pumps and power units systems are used in misting systems as a way to manage odors.

A high-pressure misting system is used to combat issues caused by airborne dust. Cat Pumps’ products efficiently pump water through high-pressure atomizing nozzles, creating ultra-fine droplets of water.

Specialized high-pressure misting systems are an excellent tool for mosquito control, and other pests like flies, gnats, ticks, spiders, and fleas.

High-pressure mist systems use less water with better temperature drop over pad evaporator systems without leaving standing water around the unit.

Wet scrubbers are used to removes pollutants from industrial exhaust streams or flue gas.

Spray drying is used to create a large variety of products from powdered milk to prescription drug elements.

Data centers produce significant amounts of heat, and require dedicated cooling systems to control temperature.