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Custom System Benefits

Factory Designed, Sourced, Built, Tested and Shipped

Since 1992, Cat Pumps has been designing, building and testing thousands
of units shipped worldwide to the most demanding applications

Purchasing a custom system from Cat Pumps offers more benefits than simply providing a high quality pumping system. By choosing Cat Pumps for your next custom system need you can greatly save time and expenses of:

  • Initial Design
  • Multiple Source Buying
  • Assembly
  • Testing

You also get the experience and expertise of our inside sales staff to help gather application information as well as selecting the system components to best fit the type of liquid being pumped, the task being performed and the duty-cycle. We also provide industry leading after sale support for assistance with installation, operation and maintenance. 

Each power unit is factory flow and pressure tested. Most units are available for shipment in 2 - 8 weeks.

With thousands of installations running around the world, choose Cat Pumps for your next custom pumping system!  To start the quoting process, call our technical sales team at 763-780-5440 or fill out our form online by clicking the link below: