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Leachate Treatment Pumps

Industrial Duty Pumps & Accessories for Leachate Treatment Applications



As restrictions grow for leachate disposal, many landfill owners are using advanced leachate treatment processes, and one of those is membrane-based technologies. These processes use physical separation with reverse osmosis to remove pollutants. The reverse osmosis process removes organic matter, heavy metals, chloride, sodium, potassium, and other pollutants.

Cat Pumps has developed a reputation as the industry leader for leachate reverse osmosis pumps due to the long-life and dependable performance. Materials of construction include 316 and duplex stainless steel, which offer excellent corrosion resistance, strength, and life – even in the harshest environment.

With models available from 1 – 240 gpm, Cat Pumps has the right pump for leachate treatment installations. These pumps can also be purchased as a motor and pump unit with A/C motors (50 or 60 Hz), DC motors, hydraulic or engine-driven.

With field-proven dependability in applications around the globe, Cat Pumps provides the best value for leachate reverse osmosis pumps.