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Servicing Your Cat Pump

Learn how to locate and interpret

helpful documents to assist in servicing

your Cat Pump.

Servicing Your Pump

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Pump Literature

Gathering required literature for servicing your pump is a simple process. Use the Search function in the top right corner of our website to search for your pump model. Click on the Related Literature button to bring up pump Data Sheets, Service Manuals and any related Technical Bulletins. Follow along with the tabs below.

Data Sheets

The pump Data Sheet has all relevant pump specifications, parts list, exploded view, repair kits, optional component listings, and dimensional information. Follow along with the tabs below.

Cat Pumps Data Sheets will list the models covered and pump specifications:

  • Flow Rate
  • Pressure Range
  • Pump RPM
  • Inlet Pressure Range
  • Maximum Liquid Temperature

The Parts List will list Item Numbers corresponding to the exploded view, Part Numbers, item Materials of construction, a Description of the part, and the Quantity required per pump.

The Exploded View will show all pump parts. Some items to inspect closely during teardown and evaluation:

  • #90 Ceramic Plungers
  • #106 Low Pressure Seals
  • #125 High Pressure Seals
  • Or #127 V-Packings
  • #160-173 Valve Kit Parts

Seal Kits and Valve Kits are common maintenance items that wear out with extended use and eventually need to be replaced. NBR (STD) is the standard kit installed in most pumps, but other material kits are also listed.

There will be a Material Codes Key underneath the Repair Kits. The codes listed will correspond to the Materials of construction on the Parts List. Any relevant Technical Bulletins for th pump model will be listed in this section as well.

The Data Sheet will show Pump Dimensions on the last page.

Service Manuals

Service Manuals are designed to offer assistance when periodic maintenance is necessary. These are "must read and retain" documents that will help you achieve optimum performance for your Cat Pump. Each manual includes a step-by-step disassembly and re-assembly of the pump with additional information on:

•    Important Safety Instructions
•    Tools used for manifold removal and seal and valve servicing
•    Preventive Maintenance
•    Diagnosis and Maintenance

To find your service manual, search by your Cat Pump model number using the Search function in the top, right corner of this page, or using our Pump Literature Search.

If you are unsure of your model number, click here for instructions on how to identify your pump model.

Service Videos

Service Videos are a great tool to help you with common service repairs of seal and valve kits. We have videos available for many models available by clicking the Service Videos link near the right of this page.

If you are still having trouble with servicing or system diagnosis, visit the FAQ, or Troubleshooting sections. For additional help, contact our technical sales team M-F 8:00 am-5:00 pm at 763-780-5440 or email at