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Filter Press Cloth Cleaning Pumps

Industrial Duty Pumps & Accessories for Filter Press Cloth Cleaning Applications



Filter presses are commonly used in liquid/solid separation. The slurry, or liquid and solid mixture, is pumped into the filter press allowing clean water to pass through while collecting the solids in the filter cloths. The solids that are collected in the filter cloth form a filter cake, and those filter cakes will drop off the filter cloth when the press is opened. The filter cake material is collected and disposed of to a landfill or for further treatment.

After the filter cakes are dropped out, the filter cloths need to be washed down before starting the process up again. High-pressure wash is commonly used to clean the filter cloth, either with a pressure washer or an automated system. Pressure washing can be done with one or two guns depending on the location and size of the press. An automated system has spray bars with nozzles that go between each plate to clean the filter cloth. The automated filter cloth cleaning systems typically require 10 to 20 gpm, up to 1500 psi. 

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With field-proven dependability in applications around the globe, Cat Pumps provides the best high-pressure pumps and systems for filter press cloth cleaning.