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Base Configuration

Custom Base Configurations to Meet any Application

Cat Pumps has vast experience working with a wide variety of base
configurations to meet space and application demands. 

Our standard base configuration is constructed of heavy duty steel, epoxy coated for added protection and available in a variety of sizes. Aluminum and stainless steel models available by request.

For compact installations, we offer a variety of vertically stacked options that provide a smaller footprint, yet still provide easy accessibility for maintenance.

Wheels/handles can be added to our standard base package or we can design a custom base to meet your requirements. Carrying handles, carts, fork lift slots, and lifting lugs are common.

For installations that require extra protection or lower sound, we have designed fully enclosed bases to best suit your application needs. Enclosed bases still provide easy accesibility for routine maintenance.

For applications that require a higher flow or pressure rating than a single pump can achieve, we have special configurations designed to hold multiple pumps to meet your application demands.