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Popular Accessories

System Matching Accessories to Meet any Application

Cat Pumps has vast offering of system matching accessories to
meet the most demanding application requirements. 

Pressure regulators are used on high-pressure systems to maintain and control system pressure.

Unloaders maintain system pressure and allow liquid to by-pass at low-pressure when not needed.

A relief valve, is a secondary device used to protect the pump from over pressurization.

A pop-off valve provides an economical solution to protect your system with an accurate and reliable secondary pressure relief.

Pressure gauges monitor system pressure and can be used on inlet or discharge plumbing.

Pulsation dampeners absorb pressure spikes and pressure fluctuations caused by the pump system.

Inlet regulators are designed to reduce and maintain inlet pressure to the pump.

Inlet stabilizers help maintain consistent pressure and flow to the inlet, improving pump performance.

Inlet filters are used on pressurized or gravity-fed systems to strain debris before entering the pump.

Low pressure seal monitors are designed to sense water leakage past the low-pressure seals.

Our oil level indicators can be installed in a variety of locations for convenient monitoring of crankcase oil. Kits are also equipped with oil drain plugs for fast and convenient oil changes.