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Commercial & Industrial Cleaning

High Performance Pumps and Accessories for Commercial & Industrial Cleaning Applications



Commercial and industrial cleaners rely heavily on Cat Pumps’ field-proven dependability to keep their businesses running. There are thousands of pumps successfully operating in heavily-used cleaning applications like pressure washing, carpet cleaning, condenser tube cleaning, sewer jetting and several other commercial and industrial cleaning applications. Cat Pumps' reputation is built on durability, reliability and continuous-duty performance of our products. Whether stationary or portable, our extensive product line provides a solution for every high-pressure commercial cleaning application. Several drive variations are available that can be driven by engines, hydraulic motors, pneumatic motors, electric motors, and power take-off.

Count on Cat Pumps for lower repair costs, less downtime, greater profitability and a faster return on investment. Our application specialists, customer service representatives, and professional distributors are readily available to assist with your high-pressure commercial cleaning application.

Click on any application below to learn more. When it needs to run, make it Cat Pumps.

Pressure washers use high-pressure water pumps for quick, effective cleaning. Pressure washers typically range 2 - 10 gpm, 500 - 5,000 psi and powered by a variety of sources.

Sewer jetting systems use high-pressure water to remove build-up and obstructions in sewer/drain lines.

Carpet and tile cleaning is often done with truck-mounted or portable extractor systems.

Restaurant hood venting systems allow steam, smoke and other pollutants to exit the kitchen.

Because most sandblasting work is quoted by the job, maintaining uptime is a critical business success factor.

Prior to painting or staining, surfaces must be properly prepared to ensure a quality application.

Keeping heat exchangers and condenser tubes clean permits operating at peak efficiency and thus reduce operating costs.

High-pressure wash units speed up the cleaning and sanitizing processes, and remove more contamination than other methods of decontamination equipment cleaning. 

Water Blasting is fast and effective for industrial cleaning, and surface preparation.

The fastest and most effective way to remove the ice dams is to use a steamer.