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Auto Detailing Pumps

Industrial Duty Pumps & Accessories for Auto Detailing Applications



Professional auto detailers are committed to, and passionate about making vehicles look sharp for their owners. For exterior auto washing, auto detail shops use a single gun with flows of 3 - 5 GPM with pressures of 800 - 1,200 PSI. These systems are used in the high-pressure cleaning of the exterior of a car, but also for cleaning items like floor mats.

Portable Extractors are often used to clean the interiors of a vehicle. Portable extractors deliver pressurized water and/or cleaning solutions to carpets, or other interior surfaces, while extracting (vacuuming up) dirty water. The pressurized water and vacuum system is typically applied with a wand and has a shut-off valve to control when water is applied. Water or cleaning solutions are often heated as high as 140 degrees F. These systems typically run less than 1 GPM with pressures of 300 - 500 PSI. Our newest series of extractor pumps also removes the need for oil or grease which may contaminate a carpet or surface. This is accomplished by using the fluid being pumped as the lubricating agent.

For all high-pressure applications, exterior wash or portable extractor, Cat Pumps is the most reliable pump available.