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Drive Package

Custom Drive Packages to Meet any Application

Cat Pumps offers a wide variety of drive options to optimize system
footprint and performance with required power source. 

Our most common drive package gives you the flexibility to run pump at different performances based on set up. Anti-static, synchronized, and v-belt options available.

For lower flow applications, we have a variety of compact, direct-drive pumps available. These models bolt directly to your motor or gas engine for simply installation and space saving.

Another space saving direct-drive option is a flex coupling and/or bell housing. Options available from small 3CP models to our 35 frame. This provides a simple, compact design while eliminating belt maintenance.

For gas engine installations, we offer a variety of gearbox models that provide the ability to directly mount as well as reduce the pump speed to correct RPM. Available for 3/4", 1" and 1-1/8" shaft sizes.

For applications where the pump will run in by-pass for extended time, we have a variety of clutches available that provide the ability to remotely engage/disengage the pump, extending life.