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Pulsator Assemblies

Pulsator Assemblies Quickly Convert Pressure Washer Equipment to Water Jetting Equipment
Photo of Pulsator Assembly

A pulsator assembly can easily be added to many standard high-pressure pumps to create a jetting or pulsating effect in the downstream flow. This jetting action can aid in cleaning and sewer jetting applications by knocking debris and sludge loose from the surface, allowing it to be quickly flushed away.

The design of a triplex pump naturally creates a minor pulsation caused by the reciprocating plungers. When actuated, the pulsator assembly bypasses the water flowing through one of the inlet valves back to the pump inlet. The pump will then run on two of the three pumping chambers, increasing the pulsation.

The easy-to-use ball valve design provides a reliable, heavy-duty solution for converting a pump to use with jetting applications. An open chamber design eliminates the traditional dry pumping chamber of other jetter designs and the possibility of dead-heading the pump, prolonging the life of the pump seals, reducing maintenance and downtime on jetter pumps.

Model Accessory Name Models Used
76560 Pulsator Assembly 1560
77071 Pulsator Assembly 2510
34455 Pulsator Assembly 2SFX Series
34458 Pulsator Assembly 45, 5CP3120, 5CP5120, 5CP5140
34451 Pulsator Assembly 56, 57, 60
34448 Pulsator Assembly 660, 1050, 7CP Series
35450 Pulsator Assembly 66DX Series