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Washdown & Sanitizing Pumps

High-Pressure Pumps & Accessories for Washdown & Sanitizing Applications



Cleaning and sanitizing processes are very important for food safety. Damage to a brand’s reputation and the potential legal fallout demand strict adherence to good manufacturing practices. For proper food safety, any surface or material that comes into contact with food and foodstuff must be properly cleaned and sanitized per recommended procedures. It is also critical that non-production equipment such as overhead structures, shields, walls, ceilings, refrigeration units, and HVAC systems are routinely cleaned and sanitized.

High-pressure washing equipment significantly reduces labor while cleaning more effectively compared to low-pressure alternatives. High-pressure washdown systems also reduce water consumption and the time required for proper cleaning. Equipment dependability is an important application factor; that is why Cat Pumps is viewed worldwide as the high-pressure pump of choice in food processing cleaning and washdown applications.

Washdown and Sanitation Applications:

  • Conveyor Belt Cleaning
  • High-Pressure Foam Sanitation
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Equipment Washdown
  • Multi-Gun Central Cleaning System
  • Many More

With field-proven dependability in applications worldwide, Cat Pumps provides the most dependable high-pressure pumps and systems for washdown and sanitation systems.