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Tool, Knife, and Blade Cleaning Pumps

Industrial Duty Pumps & Accessories for Tool, Knife, and Blade Cleaning Applications



A prime example of the importance of high-pressure blade cleaning is in a poultry evisceration application. The evisceration process is used to remove the internal organs of poultry, involving several steps before completion. The blades used to cut the poultry make thousands of cuts per day, and the longer they stay sharp the higher the production rate. Keeping the blade clean with a constant spray of high-pressure water reduces time-consuming maintenance required to keep blades clean and in proper cutting condition. In addition to low maintenance, high-pressure water provides improved sanitation and can help to eliminate dirty blades.

From poultry evisceration to fish descaling equipment to french fry cutting equipment, a clean cutting tool is vital to production. Our reputation for dependability makes Cat Pumps the pump of choice for high-pressure tool, knife and blade cleaning in production systems. Due to the rigorous demand of processing plants, quality equipment is vital to keeping the process running and reducing costly downtime. Our pumps provide the high-pressure water for quality cleaning with minimal maintenance. Cat Pumps can provide a complete custom pumping system to meet your organization’s specific needs.

With field-proven dependability in applications around the globe, Cat Pumps provides the best value for high-pressure tool, knife and blade cleaning.