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If your pressure washer is experiencing a sudden or intermittent loss of pressure, it may not be your pump. An Easy Start Valve is a useful addition to a pressure washer system as it relieves pressure in the pump, making it easier to pull the engine cord during startup. But an Easy Start Valve can also be the cause of a few headaches. Sometimes the valve may stay become stuck open due to corrosion or unfiltered debris, which can cause a loss of pressure. In this video, we'll show you how to troubleshoot and repair an Easy Start Valve to get you up and spraying in no time.

Cat Pumps is known for making the longest-lasting, most dependable high-pressure pumps in the world. We also offer the best educational tools for any pump manufacturer. Cat Pumps Whiteboard Sessions are short, informative videos that offer useful technical tips for high-pressure pumps and systems.

Along with the great new website, we have made it easy to find your pump's service videos. Hover over the Service & Training menu tab to open up the drop-down menu, then select the Service Videos from the left side of the menu. Once there, select your pump and click View Service Videos from the correct pump card. Our service videos are all produced in-house, with our Service Manager of more than 30 years. now features a new Pressure Washer Resource Center, created for every day pressure washer users without a technical background in pumping systems. Topics include: component identification, pump repair resources, troubleshooting and answers to questions that are commonly asked of our technical support team. Still cant find what you are looking for? There is also a service center locator to find local Cat Pumps support near you.

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