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Covid 19

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A Letter From Our CEO

First and foremost, I hope that this message finds you and your family in good health. As we navigate these uncertain times, I wanted to provide an update regarding ongoing business and changes we have implemented at Cat Pumps regarding the developments with COVID-19.


Our number one priority is the health of our staff and we have been taking measures to provide the safest environment possible. We have already transitioned a portion of our staff to work remotely, however all parties are available via their normal telephone extensions so we do not expect any hindrance to current operations.


In addition to our staff, we also remain fully committed to serving our customers during these challenging times. There have been a great deal of inquiries regarding the current impact on delivery and I am pleased to report that our global supply chain remains fully intact. We have always prided ourselves on our high inventory levels and feel that we are in a strong position to continue to provide product without delay, even in the event that there are future disruptions or delays in our supply chain.


As we all know, there have been many mandatory closures to businesses around the United States and the rest of the world. At this time Cat Pumps remains open for business. We have been in contact with our shipping partners and although they are operating without significant changes, they have seen a significant increase in deliveries that cannot be completed due to business closures. To avoid these situations and unnecessary charges during these difficult times, we ask that you please contact us with any business closure plans so we can ensure all shipments are postponed.


This is a rapidly changing situation and we will continue to adapt our policies to best serve our staff, customers and community. In order to keep you informed of any changes, this resource section of our website will be continuously updated with any important information regarding our response.


We wish you all safety and good health during these difficult times.


Best Regards,


Steve Bruggeman
President & CEO
Cat Pumps


Beginning March 27th, 2020 the state of Minnesota will order the suspension of all on-site operations to businesses deemed non-essential. After reviewing the order in its entirety, Cat Pumps Corporation qualifies as an essential business and will continue to operate to fulfill the needs of our customers, many of which are servicing the food, agriculture, water, energy, cleaning, sanitation, pharmacutical and defense industries.

Cat Pumps remains open and and will continue to fulfill the needs of our customers. Although we have encouraged the staff that can work from home to do so, we have not had this affect our level of service we provide our customers.

Although we have some staff working from home, all departments remain fully functional. 

 We are pleased to announce that we still have our complete international supply chain intact, and there has been no impact on outgoing shipments.

Our customer and technical support teams are still available for live or email support during our standard business hours of 8am-5pm CST, Monday - Friday. Call our main line at 763-780-5440 or email us at