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Industrial Duty, Long Lasting, Dependable Pumps
Model: 7930

Vari-Nozzle easily adjusts from high to low pressure and must be used with a downstream chemical injector to apply chemical at low pressure. Rotation from left to right will adjust spray angle from 0 to 60 degrees for cleaning flexibility. An easy push forward permits low pressure flow or pull back for return to high pressure. Color coded ID plug for easy identification of nozzle size. Nozzle size 3.0

Technical Specifications
Max Flow 2.9 gpm / 10.8 lpm
Min Flow 1.5 gpm / 5.7 lpm
Max Pressure 3650 psi
Inlet Port Size 1/4" BSP(F)
Accessory Type Nozzles
Type Vari-Nozzle
Nozzle Size 3.0

Product Information

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