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Photo of 7CP6165CSG1 and 7CP6165CSG118

Models 7CP6165CSG1 and 7CP6165CSG118 Gearbox-Drive Plunger Pumps

Models 7CP6165CSG1 and 7CP6165CSG118 Gearbox-Drive Plunger Pumps

Cat Pumps engineers continue to expand the 7CP Series pumps by adding a gearbox that allows the pump to run at about half the engine’s speed. This design increases the pump’s longevity in continuous-duty applications, allowing for an easy-to-assemble compact footprint and eliminating the need for cumbersome belts and pulleys.

The 7CP6165CSG1 pairs to an engine with a 1" horizontal shaft, and the 7CP6165CSG118 couples with a 1-1/8" shaft. Cat Pumps gearbox pumps are #1 in commercial-duty pressure washers due to their superior product life and ability to perform well under continuous-duty use.

Typical Applications:

  • Mobile Pressure Wash
  • Surface Preparation
  • Water Jetting
  • Hydro Excavation
  • Wash Down

To learn more about the Model 7CP6165CSG1 and 7CP6165CSG118 pumps, please download the Sell Sheet, or see our 7CP6165CSG1 and 7CP6165CSG118 Product Pages for more information.