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Obsolete 60 Frame Piston Pump

Industrial Duty, Long Lasting, Dependable Pumps
Model: 6024

This is a triplex [three piston rods] positive displacement, reciprocating, piston pump, constructed with forged brass inlet manifold and 316SS discharge manifold, 304SS valve assemblies, chrome-plated 304SS cylinders and sleeves and standard NBR [Buna-N] seals and o-rings. Its low RPM is designed for belt drive. The Uniflow design features a mechanically actuated inlet valve providing a continuous forward fluid flow and strong suction. It features a sleeve-type piston and multiple V-Packings, rather than the conventional piston/cup, to handle higher pressure.

Technical Specifications
Max Flow 12 gpm / 45.4 lpm
Max Pressure 5000
Inlet Port Size 2" NPT(F)
Discharge Port Size 1 1/4" NPT(F)
RPM 500
Drive Type(s) Belt
Material Brass