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Photo of Pump Protector

Pump Protector for Long-Term Storage

The Ultimate Protection for Long-Term Storage of Pressure Washer Pumps

Pressure washer pumps can be adversely affected during long-term storage, especially in cold temperatures. That's why Cat Pumps developed the best solution: Pump Protector

Cat Pumps specially formulates its Pump Protector to protect pressure washer pumps from freezing, corrosion, and premature wear. Recommended for use with all pressure washers, Pump Protector adds lubrication to pistons, valves and seals to prevent sticking. There is no better way to protect your pump.


  • Protects pumps from freezing to -25 F/-29 C
  • Lubricates seals, valves and valve seats to prevent sticking
  • Inhibits corrosion and mineral deposits
  • Environmentally friendly—100% biodegradable

How to Order:

  • Part number 6208 (Case of six bottles; 12 ounces/355 ml each)

Get ready for storage today by contacting your local Cat Pumps Distributor.

For more information about Pump Protector, check out our Pump Protector Product Video or Sell Sheet.

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