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LPS Monitor

Industrial Duty, Long Lasting, Dependable Pumps
Model: 30292

Cat Pumps LPS monitor is designed to sense water leakage past the low-pressure seals and alert maintenance personnel that the pump seals need replacing. If not serviced in a timely manner, the water can continue to leak past the low-pressure seals and contaminate the crankcase oil, causing oxidation and increasing the oil viscosity. The LPS Monitor is designed to alert maintenance personnel of this condition before the pump drive components are at risk. This corrosion resistant PLC/PC version works with pump models: 1520, 1521, 2510, 2511, 2520, 2520C, 2521, 2530, 2530E, 2531, 2537, 2831, 2831K, 3501, 3501C, 3507, 3507C, 3511, 3511C, 3517, 3517C, 3520, 3520C, 3521, 3521C, 3527, 3531, 3531C, 3535, 3535C, 3537, 3541, 3541C, 3545, 3560, 3801, 3801K, 3811, 3811K, 3821, 3821K, 3831, 3831K, 3841, 3841K

Technical Specifications
Accessory Type LPS Monitors
Description 25FR thru 38FR Series with PLC/PC Interface (Corrosion Resistant)

Product Information

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